Here is the perfect resource to make you a sketching artist, simplified tutorials on how to learn pencil sketching.

Pencil sketching is a basic and very popular form of art also it is the foundation of any modern drawing or art. With minimum supplies you can create beautiful artwork that catches the anyone’s eyes. Honestly it is not hard to learn, if know how to hold the pencil you already have the basic skill that is needed for creating beautiful piece of art with pencil.

Learn pencil sketching
Learn pencil sketching

Imagine yourself as a great sketching artist who creates flawless artworks and having a well fame in the like-minded community or in society. How beautiful it is, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for, start learning pencil sketching today become a successful sketching artist. With our bite sized and digestible sketching tutorials anyone can easily learn and become master of the sketching skill. Start learning today and led the foundation for your dream of becoming an artist.

How to learn pencil sketching?

The answer is choosing any image and start creating lines with pencil by copying the reference image. Off course there are so many techniques are there which makes the art perfect but all starts with taking small steps only at the beginning. That’s why we are coming up with the easy and amazing pencil sketching tutorials for beginners. Pencil sketching can be learnt by anyone by any age. All you need to know is how to hold the pencil properly and draw a line. If you know this, then you are good to go. Once you got control on the handling of the pencil then you can start playing with the lines, edges and other things.

Pencil sketching for beginners
Pencil sketching for beginners

How to start sketching with pencil?

In simple we can classify how to learn pencil sketching topics into 4 parts.

  • Choose an image

Choose an simple photo or image that you like to draw.

  • Draw an outline

Make an outline and basic shape of the image.

  • Add tones and textures.

After your basic outline of the image try to ad some tone and textures to the art that represents the image.

  • Fine tuning and refining the art.

In this stage try to add some refinement like shades, shadows and refining the edges.

That’s it! You have the basic skill of sketching and ready to rock and roll with different techniques.

Learn pencil sketching online
Learn pencil sketching online

Which type of pencil is best for sketching?

Most common question will arise in everyone’s mind is which type of pencil is best for sketching or Which pencil is best for sketching?  Well, there many different types of pencils for sketching. Every type of pencil has its own uniqueness and used for different requirements. The different types of pencils are used for creating different effect or increasing the viewability of the artwork. If you just starting the process of learning the pencil sketch then don’t worry about too much about the different types of pencils or which is the best for drawing.

Normal pencil is enough to draw a beautiful sketch. Once when you learning the techniques in depth at that time you know the which types of pencils do the which type of work. Here you will learn different easy pencil sketching techniques that is the method used by our mentors who have decades of experience in drawing.

What are the different types of sketching pencils?

As said earlier there are different types of pencils used for sketching, each type has its own uniqueness and used differently by the requirement of the artist.

  1. Graphite Pencils: These are the most common type of pencils which is used for writing and drawing.
  2. Charcoal Pencils: These types of pencils create thick dark and rough lines but not flexible as the other types of pencils.
  3. Coloured Pencils: These are the pencils which is similar to the normal graphite pencils but comes in different colours.
  4. Mechanical Pencils: These are the pencils comes with plastic or metal body in that you have to insert a graphite lead. These pencils create more sharp lines which is little difficult to draw thick shades.
What are the different types of the sketching pencils
What are the different types of the sketching pencils

Graphite or charcoal which pencil is better?

Graphite is less black and more greyish in colour compared to charcoal. It is suitable for most of the sketching surfaces or papers. It has better stickiness to the paper surface than the charcoal pencils. So, it is more suitable for the basic and light sketching. Charcoal pencils are most suitable for dark shading on the rough paper surface and it creates less dust compared to graphite pencils and it is easy to sharpen to the fine point.

Charcoal pencils also have the smooth compound that makes less breakable point. Again, how we can’t decide who is better sun or moon in the same way we cat come to a conclusion that one is better than other. It all depends on the perspective and requirement of the artist.

Which type of pencil is best for sketching
Which type of pencil is best for sketching

Hebbarartstudio is one of the great resource for the beginners who wants to learn the pencil sketching. The complex techniques and methods are breakdown into easily understandable methods are easily graspable for who is starting from scratch.

Most of the people have the passion to learn something or just for hobby. Sometime its difficult to get the right resources for learning or some resources are too complex that is difficult to digest. By keeping in this mind, we decided to create platform where people can learn pencil sketching online without any previous experience or skills.

This resource is designed in such away that it starts from scratch and it also have the amazing tips and secrets about making the great arts using the pencil. It is not only designed for beginners but also for the experienced artists who wants to upskill their artist career to the advanced level.

The pencil sketching tutorials are regularly uploaded to the websites in the ascending level means basic to advanced level. So, anyone can go for their choice of videos and get what they are looking for. Right now, we are on digital form and in coming days we are planning to initiate classroom pencil sketching classes in most of the cities like Bangalore and other well-known cities.


The foundation of the art or drawing is starts from the basic sketch. That traditional artwork holds an tremendous opportunity today. Today digitalization takes traditional drawing also but it still holding its unique value. There are so many popular artists out there all who started with drawing a simple line on paper. With the intention to create more beautiful artists and to share the knowledge to others this platform is born. redefine the art world with your passion by learning pencil sketching.

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