Learn water color painting, Beginner to expert tutorials on water colors.

How beautiful it was when painting the sunset with few birds, Small River and a house with water color on the drawing book. When i heard water color painting it bring back the memories of drawing period in the school. What a beautiful days those are!

It was fun drawing some sunset in between the two hills and birds flying around the sun. Probably at that time water colors was one of the high end painting materials of back those days. Like other different types of paintings water color painting also one of the unique type of art and fun to learn.

Water color painting
Water color painting

What is water color painting?

It is a type of painting created by mixing colored pigments with water in a mixing tray and then applying the color by paint brush directly on to the paper. You get the dried color pallets in the tray you have to mix it with water to paint your artwork. The techniques and methods used in oil painting and water color painting are slightly similar but not completely.

 Whether you are new to water color painting or you do it for hobby it is a great skill to learn. It requires very minimum resources to start hence you can easily start painting in outdoor or if you are in between nature with beautiful landscape, you can instantly create a water color artwork. Since it is mixed with water and it does not require any solvent or chemical materials like oil paints it is suitable for any age. Water colors are very versatile and perfect for all styles of painting. With very minimal resource you can make a great piece of artwork in very less time if you are used to it.

How you can make simple water color painting?

Well, if you remember those school days painting some random landscape with sunset then its one simple way of starting it. Some random landscape is the best way to start drawing with water colors. After you get basic idea of how it reflects on paper then you can play different techniques around it.

The basics are very easy to learn in water color painting but there is lot more details (rich textures, color blends, shades, tones) and techniques that can be controlled by practice. If you paint on normal paper, no need of any prior preparation. You can directly start painting but if you painting on canvas then you have to prepare canvas from some basic preparation before you start painting.

Simple water color painting
Simple water color painting

Below are some basics to start water color painting

  • Apply gesso primer to the canvas up to 2 layers.
  • Let the canvas dry.
  • Then apply the absorbent and another thin layer of gesso.
  • After every layer leave it to dry.
  •  Applying 5 6 layers makes the canvas absorbent.
  • Then let it dry for 24 hours before you start painting.

Simple and easy water color technique for beginners.

  • Wet on Wet

By this technique you can paint landscapes, sky, water etc. This technique is simple, first you have to apply water on the canvas and then apply water colors on it. Most of the nature landscape paintings are made by this technique.

  • Wet on Dry

As the word says it is the opposite technique of wet-on-wet technique. Here you can directly apply the color on canvas no need of applying the water. This helps to avoid colors are diluted to the other sides or edges. By this you will get more precise edges and shapes.

  • Ombre Effect

Here you can create different color gradient and shadows by using the different mixing portion of color and water. By adding more water and less water portion you can create light and dark shade for your artwork. If you want to draw shadow effect you can draw by this technique.

  • Different color gradient
  • It similar to the ombre effect. By using water and different colors you can create different shades. It is very useful when painting the sunrise or sunset like creating light and dark orange or red shades.

    • Precision painting

    Every object in your artwork will have different boundary and lines that defines the object. Stick to the lines and boundaries increases the richness of the painting. So, following that precision lines and edges of the object is important to get the great output. In this technique you have to be more precise about lines and edges of the object of the painting.

    Water color painting techniques
    Water color painting techniques

    What is the easiest thing to water color paint?

    Compare to other types of paintings water colors are easy to apply because its versatility and low cost. If anything goes wrong it does not cost you much. Simple nature or landscape are the easiest part to paint with water colors. You can easily paint flowers, landscapes, beach, houses, lake or stream, sunrise and sunsets.

    There is not much details and precision are not required in these types of paintings. Of course, well experienced artists can create incredible detailed artwork but for beginners it is not that much difficult to draw these types of paintings.

    How do I start water color painting?

    This is the most common question asked by the people. Well, first gather required minimal resources start. It’s not mandatory to invest huge money to by the resources but few basic materials are enough to start. Start with what you have. Learn basics form the materials you have after you are well versed with basics then you can invest in further required resources for advanced level.

    Water color, brushes and a piece of paper is more than enough to start water color painting. Go from small steps. Try to understand how water color behavior on the paper and know the flow and its flexibility on different type of surfaces. Once you confident on how you can control the different color textures you can play some games with the water colors.

    Is water color good for beginners?

    Yes, definitely water color is good for beginners because it cost less than other paints, it is more flexible to paint compared to other types of paints, it is easy to use and requires minimal materials and it is non-toxic so it can be used by any age persons especially it is very suitable for kids or small children.

    Which type of painting is best for beginners?

    As stated above water color is the best option for beginners to learn painting. It is without any previous drawing experience or you are new to painting you can easily experiment in painting with water colors. It won’t cost you much compared to other painting materials. You can easily try and test out your different styles with water colors.

    How long does it take to learn water color painting?

    It all depends on the person’s passion, love, dedication, effort towards the skill which they want to learn. When it comes to water colors it does not take much time to get the basic idea and control of painting, thanks to its high versatility. With minimum effort and time, you can easily learn the basics of water colors. To become master with advanced techniques definitely you need some real time efforts, right resource or mentorship and it takes time.

    How to do water color painting?

    Grab some brushes and water color pallets, understand dark and light tone of water colors, try to understand blend of two colors to create new color textures, choose your painting surface like paper or canvas or drawing book and start creating artwork with water colors. That’s it!

    If you are looking to learn water color painting easily then this is the right place for you. Here we are guiding through from the very basic or scratch to advanced tricks and techniques that are hidden in water color art. Even though this water color painting course is for beginners, those who are already have experience in water colors and looking to learn some secret and advanced tricks and techniques, you will find your treasure here.

    How to do water color painting
    How to do water color painting


    There are so many different types of paintings you can find today. Among all water color painting is a simple, easy and great skill to learn. It has its own uniqueness among all the other different types of paintings. You can do it for hobby, passion or you can become an artist and sell your great piece of artwork for high value. This is the platform provides you the best resource to learn water color painting and our mentors are well experienced in different types of paintings over a decade. Here you will find step by step guide to learn this great skill by our beginner’s tutorials and also with some great techniques to make your artwork look incredible.

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