How to create simple vector art? Beginner to expert tutorials on vector graphics.

This post is about how you can learn vector art by simple and easy steps. This post is aimed at people who want to create simple vector art for fun, portfolio, or as a profession. Cartooning and illustration is among the most popular forms of this niche and it’s also one of the most lucrative. And also, don’t forget that it’s darn fun! So if you want to learn vector art with these simple and easy steps, read onward…

Simple vector art
Simple vector art

Vector art graphic design

Vector art graphic design is a type of digital art that involves an eclectically composed eclectically composed collection of vector graphics. They are defined as being composed from vectors. Vector’s have been around since the 19th century, so they have been around for longer than most other types of digital graphics, but they only really became popular in the 21st century as the overall popularity and usage of desktop computers expanded. They can be used in a multitude of fields such as architecture and construction, games development and advertising to bring creativity into form .

Vector art graphic design is not limited to just drawings; it also includes illustrations and photographs which can all be easily adjusted and modified with different effects depending on what you’re trying to achieve. You can also add shadows and other additional effects to create patterns and variety.

What is vector art graphic design?

You can create very artistic illustrations and images from vector art graphic design by making use of a computer program that allows for the editing and manipulation of vectors. Another way to create a similar type of image to a drawing is through a software program that combines two specialized types of shapes called curves and outlines that happen to be available in almost all leading software programs today. The shape that is composed from these two components is called an outline or path.

Many digital artists prefer to use vectors to draw their drawings. There are many advantages to using vector tools over other types of digital art programs. However, there are also several disadvantages that come with using them, that require you to understand the basics of digital art before diving into vector art graphic design. For example, the application requires much more space than other program types for storing data and your work can suffer tremendously if you have a slow computer or internet connection.

Vector art graphic design is a form of digital design that has been around for many years, but has not become as popular as it should be until recently.

How do vector graphics work?

A plain illustration is composed of a large amount of tiny lines. These lines form shapes and images on the page which we call pixels. Typical vector art graphic design graphics will be composed of small shapes such as circles, squares or triangles depending on what you want to create. Those shapes are combined together to create an image on the screen, rather than using pixels like you would with any other type of drawing software such as Photoshop. These shapes are called vectors.

If you understand the basic concepts of digital design, you should be able to understand vector graphics. If you don’t understand how a certain item works, you should research it.

How to make vector art
How to make vector art

How to make simple vector art?

If you want to create vector art or if you have the question how to make vector art, the first thing you should do is learn the art of vector art. Here are some of the basics:

– Draw with a pen and/or pencil. This is literally the only way to start drawing. It’s how most artists started and it will help you learn vector art as there is more room for mistakes and experimenting. Pencils are the best, as they really helps your hand to be more controlled and helps your movements look better.

– Make sure you have a good tablet or drawing tool with pressure sensitivity and backlit screen (you can ask me questions about this if you want).

– You should make sure you have a Wacom tablet. I’m talking the Cintiq. It’s a pretty pricey device, but it allows you to draw on a gridded surface and control the pressure of your pen from your fingers. That way you don’t have to press hard or use a lot of pressure when drawing or designing.

– Make sure you get good pillows and supports for your tablet to get the most comfortable possible grasp on it.

– Get a high quality pen for use with this tablet (or inkjet printer if they can print). Good quality pens don’t bleed through and it will help give better results in the long run.

– Make sure you have good markers too. I like Pentel’s brush pens. Colored pencils are also great (especially Prismacolor). Avoid using regular Crayola colored pencils as the color often bleeds out.

– Take a look at how other people are creating vector art. It doesn’t have to be professional, but it’s always good to see what your audience is looking for and try to mimic that or do something better.

– Start with something simple and work your way up from there. If you want to draw a dog, start by drawing one leg, then another… Keep going until you have the entire animal done before moving on to the next step.

How to make simple vector art
How to make simple vector art

When it comes to vector art the most heard software is Adobe Illustrator.  Using Adobe Illustrator you can produce creative illustrations, catchy infographics and artful typography. Vector graphics are points, shapes, lines and curves that are based on the mathematical formulas. When you scale a vector graphic file it will not lose its quality and it won’t pixalise. So it can be sized to large or small image.

Illustrations are more focused on creating individual images, not an entire design of art. These individual images can be used to create another entire design of art. In simple words, you are creating small image objects that are scalable to any sizes without losing the image quality, and you can use these images to create another piece of design.

With our beginners illustrator vector art tutorials you can able to create vector art easily with advanced tips and tricks. Our videos are created in such away that even though you if you are beginner or you did not used adobe illustrator before, you can able to create beautiful vector art within short period of time and become an illustrator artist.

How do I learn vector art?

1] Set up an art board in illustrator

2] Save your first created art board file

3] Try to know the tools menu

4] Create your first shape with pencil tool

5] Change the look of the line or shape

6] Start playing with color

7] Use shape tools and precise your shape

8] Use free transform tool

9] Add text if you want

These are the some of the basic steps you can start with illustrator. Don’t worry if don’t understand or how to start with these steps. This is where exactly our tutorials help you to learn vector art from basic, simple methods all the tools and menus and also shortcut keys to make your skill faster.

How to make vector art in illustrator
How to make vector art in illustrator

Where to sell your vector art?

Well, today there are huge opportunities for illustrator skill or for an illustrator artist. You can join any graphic designing company and make a full time career or there so many platforms out there where you can sell your artwork and earn money. There are websites like free pick, shutter stock, I stock and other websites where you can submit your vector art and earn passive income.


Vector art is one of the most demanding and high paying skill today. Vector graphics are multipurpose in nature. Because of its flexibility, resolution quality and scalable nature it hold very important role in graphic designing and other so many fields. It can be icons, logos, mockups for websites, posters, game characters and used in so many other areas. Some skills are very important and demanding in present and remains in demanding in future days. Vector art is one of them. Learn that skill and stay updated with time.

If you are the person who is looking for how to make vector art in illustrator then this is the right place for you. Start learning today and become and become a vector artist.

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