Learn oil painting in just 6 months, Decoded tutorials of oil painting for beginners.

Looking for inspiration or confused where to start learning oil painting? This guide provides you the information you are looking for and you can learn oil painting in just 6 months. These are the oil painting tutorials for beginners where you can learn from scratch and you will be learning tips and tricks of oil paintings.

It is one of the popular art form in the Visual Arts. (Link to visual art blog) Anyone can master this skill by the right learning resources or information and continuous practice. Let’s try to understand some basics about oil painting before going in the depth in the topic.

If you are the person who loves to paint but don’t know how to hold the brush properly then you are in the right place. After you reading this article and started to learning by our tutorials you are able to decode the different techniques of oil painting easily.

Learn oil painting
Learn oil painting

What is oil painting? Here is the answer for your question.

As the word explains it is the process of painting the art form using the oil paints or colours and brushes. Oil paints are rich and versatile in nature. It gives the smooth and shining textures to your paintings.

The right way of oil painting is to use canvas. Oil paints are perfectly blends in canvas surface and gives life to your paintings compared to oil paintings on normal papers or other surfaces.

Learn oil painting, First step to create simple oil painting.

If we have to master any skill or achieve something the first thing we have to do is to start somewhere. Not all born with all skills or experience. All the achievements or the successful persons today are once a beginner. Making mistake is the first step and it is the best teacher to learn.

We learn by making mistakes. Same applies here also. After learning how to hold the brush properly just start to paint randomly with some reference images. Just play around with paints, colors and brushes. Slowly you will get the basic idea how oil paint works on the surface.

It’s ok to be not so perfect as the reference image because you are just stared to use oil paints and brush for the first time. Once you got the basic idea of how the paint works on the canvas or whatever the surface you are painting then you can practice more and more to get good grip on the process.

When it comes to any painting there are two perspectives to it in today’s scenario. They are Traditional and Modern.  Today the process of any art form is completely different than the old traditional form because of innovation and advanced digital technology. Along with the traditional process the modern art process is evolved considerably by computers and softwares.

Simple oil painting
Simple oil painting

We can classify the oil painting in two parts.

1] Traditional Method:

This is the fundamental or the oldest basic method of painting. The painting is performed by using physical form of oil paints and brushes on the physical surface like papers or canvas or any flat surface. In this, process will be little slow because the oils take time to dry. It is not possible to paint different layers in a single day due to the time it takes to dry. When the first layer becomes dry then you can start to apply the different layers of paints accordingly.

2] Modern method:

In this method oil paintings are performed using the computers and different software platforms. In the modern method digital oils are used instead of oil paint and digital sketch pad, tablets are used instead of paper or canvas. In other words we can say digital oil painting. There is a significance difference in the traditional and modern painting methods.

What is Digital oil painting?

Usually, digital oil painting is for experienced persons, it is easier for one who is a good grip on painting by brush on canvas. You need more precision line and edge techniques to draw on the digital surface.

What is digital oil painting
What is digital oil painting

What are digital oils?

Digital oils are the colors that are processed by the software in the form of graphics. Software convert the input signals of touch pencils into colors in the form of graphic representation.

What are digital oils
What are digital oils

How to draw oil painting or how can you get started with oil painting?

You can get started playing with oil paint by these 5 simple and basic steps.

1] Gather the required materials:

To get started you will need the following things.

  • Oils paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Canvas or any surface to paint
  • Mixing base to mix your colours
  • Clothes or paper towels

Start with some basic colors and after that you can experiment with different colors by mixing the different basic colors. Gather a different set of brushes round, square, thin shapes and play until you got to know which type of brush creates which type of art forms or which type of output it gives.

2] Set up a workspace:

It’s good to choose a place or space where there is good ventilation because the oil paints can have a strong smell and the liquids needed to clean the brushes are toxic. You can use hand gloves if you are not much used to oil paints. Good places which have sufficient ventilation and lights not only safe but open workspace will boost your inspiration and imagination.

3] Apply primer to your canvas:

This is an important step when starting to paint. Before starting painting you have to apply a basic primer (which we call Gesso) coat to your canvas. This helps to avoid seeping of oils into your canvas or other surface. This not only makes your artwork look great but also protects your canvas from degradation over the time.

4] Outline your artwork:

Now you can start to create outlines, shapes and edges of your paint before you apply the paints completely. It’s a good practice to apply a thin layer of base colors before you apply it fully. It helps to avoid spreading paint outside of the lines and edges of your drawing.

5] Apply layers of your paint:

In this step now you can apply different layers of paints which you want to paint. One important point to consider here is that you have to apply a thin layer first and then you have to apply a thick layer of the paint. This helps to prevent oil paint from cracking once it becomes dry.

Here are some of the oil painting background techniques

1] Direction of the light:

 Choose which direction light has to come and decide which direction you want.

Then decide your main object’s direction to the light.

2] Start painting with the direction of the light:

Don’t start painting from a random point rather than start painting from the direction of the light flowing to the object.

3] Color lightening:

The opposite side of the light source has to be a little darker as it flows than the side of the light source. Make it a lighter color where the light shines.

4] Creating the shadow:

Shadow plays a big role in painting. Without it objects will look like it’s floating in the sky. So, create a dark tone of shadow on the opposite side of the light source which you have chosen.

5] Paint the object:

 Start painting the tones and shades of the main object. Don’t worry too much about “perfection”: you can make changes later with the color tone. Now you will have the idea of how the tones and how much brushstrokes need to be applied on the main object.

6] Try to rework on the background:

Now you can rework on the background if you want to make it more perfect and match the background color with your main object.

These are just overviews of the some of the tips on the oil painting. Here the topics are explained in short because along with these tips other so many tips and techniques are explained in detail in our easy oil painting tutorials for beginners.

Most of the people want to learn the modern method or may have the question of how to do oil painting in photoshop?

Oil painting in photoshop
Oil painting in photoshop

Don’t worry, we have the answer for your question. Both traditional oil painting with brush and oil painting in photoshop videos are covered on our easy oil painting tutorials for beginners.


Oil paints are one of the classic and old school methods of painting. Among the different types of the paintings, oil painting has its own uniqueness. It gives more flexibility, versatility and depth of color for your artwork. When you hold the painting brush and create a beautiful piece of artwork it gives you great feeling of satisfaction and joy. By our decoded video tutorials, you can easily learn oil painting in 6 months and you are able to hack the different tricks and techniques used to master the skill and become a great oil paint artist.

All our videos are coming soon, Stay Connected!

What are you waiting for? Choose your interest traditional or modern and start rocking the journey of learning!

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