An ultimate guide to learn digital painting from scratch, Tutorials for beginners.

In today’s digital era almost, everything is going digital and painting or art is one of its category. The traditional way of using brush and various color paints is replaced with digital sketchpads and softwares. Learn digital painting and upgrade your skill to standout in the crowd. By our best tips and easy techniques you are able to redefine your process of learning digital painting.

According to a survey the earning range of digital artist in the US is from $10,764 to $2,88,999. That gives an idea of how big is the opportunity and its time to master in the digital arts and earn some handsome income. If you are looking to start learning digital painting from scratch and become master in it, then you are in the right place. Kickstart your journey today with us and learn digital painting in easy way that makes your passion more exciting.

Learn Digital Painting
Learn Digital Painting

What is digital painting?

It is a art form in which traditional painting process and techniques are applied using digital tools and softwares. In the traditional painting we use brush, color, paper or canvas physically where in digital painting these are replicated by the tools and softwares. Most of the people passionate about learning digital painting but they are confused from where to start or they are not getting simple, detailed and step by step guidance.

In this platform you will learn from scratch to the advanced level where you can create art like pro. The tips and techniques we are using in our tutorials is completely proven technical methods and easily understandable by the person who don’t have basic knowledge of it.

What is Digital Painting
What is Digital Painting

Is digital painting is hard to learn?

If you are thinking it is hard to learn this art, then you are wrong. You need the right direction and smart and simple way of doing things. That’s it. We used simplified learning methods in our videos as if you don’t have any knowledge about painting or basic sketch or did not hold the pencil not even single time, you can able to draw awesome digital paintings by learning through our videos. We developed our teaching in such away that its easily understandable and the methods are very easy to adopt and learn.

Who can learn digital art? this is the common thought that will arise in everyone’s mind. Since we are teaching from scratch any one have the passion, love for learning digital painting and also who have looking for advanced tips and tricks to excel in digital art they can start the journey here and learn digital painting.

Who can learn digital art
Who can learn digital art

How many years does it take to become a digital artist?

Well, we can categorize the learners into 2 types.

1] One who learns by formal education by taking degree or educational course.

2]One who learns by informal way like educational videos from you tube, by coaching institutions or practice by taking help from various resources.

Everyone has own way of learning or doing things differently. The way of doing differs from person to person. One person may take 1 hour to complete while other person take may be more time to complete the same work. The person who takes one hour may tried different methods and techniques learnt how to do that work in 1 hour. So, learning digital art depends on various factors like effort, smart thinking, dedication and most important the right resources to learn.

When it comes to learning everyone looks for quality of the resource they are providing, core value of the topic, its worth it or not and so on. Why “” is a best place to start your journey in digital painting. Our intention is to provide easy to learn, proved and result oriented technique method in and common understandable way. Here we you can find digital painting tutorial photoshop step by step, mentored by the person who have a decade of experience in traditional painting and digital painting. Whoever wants to become master in digital arts and passionate about it but looking for good resource to start it, then this is the right platform you.

Basically, we will teach from basic and scratch. Foundation is very important to become skilled person in any platform. So, this is the platform for digital painting for beginners who wants to start from basic.

The tools and software you required to start exploring digital arts.

You will need a minimum good configuration desktop or laptop to start. Using high end machines, I pad or MacBook is up to you. Taking action is better than perfection, all we have to start somewhere. Off course higher value assets gives more performance and good quality output but not necessary. After that most important thing you need is the digital sketchpad and software to generate the output that you are drawing on the sketch pad. There are many software available for drawing, sketching or painting like Procreate, Affinity Photo, Coral Painter and so on. but the most used and popular one is Adobe Photoshop. We can say it is one of the best digital painting software.

When it comes to photo editing, art or designing things photoshop comes in the mind first. We are teaching in Adobe Photoshop software. Most of the people may heard or have the basic knowledge about photoshop in the today competitive world because it is one of the most asked skill to have in graphic designing or the digital marketing fields that are booming today. Even though it is photoshop digital painting tutorial, you will learn the fundamentals and basics of other areas of photoshop software.

You will find the answer for how to do digital painting in photoshop in our website. This is one of the best beginners guides to digital painting in photoshop.

5 Basic skills that will be a plus point but not necessary to learn digital painting.

  • Basic drawing skills or sketching
  • Control over the lines and edges
  • Perspective of drawing
  • Basic knowledge of colors and shades
  • Creative thinking and imagination
Digital painting for beginners
Digital painting for beginners


Digital Painting is a unique skill that can be take you to the whole new level if you are in the place where the community and you’re surrounding who gives value, appreciation and in the like minded people of crowd. I hope with our simple technique digital painting in photoshop tutorial you will find the answer to the question how do I start learning digital painting. If you have the real zeal and dreaming to become digital painting artist, want to follow your passion and become master in it then what are you waiting for? Register now and start learning.

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